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How can I speak with one of freeforum administrators?

Hi there,
I desperately need to speak to one of the freeforum administrators regarding someone trying to take over my forum. What is the best way to go about this? I cannot send PMs and am not allowed in the private forum as I have not posted enough.


You speak here.

Well I don't really want all and sundry knowing about the issue which could turn into a legal one, thus me asking how to contact them direct.

Even legal matters end up being public record, the first perusal of an issue is done here. If we decide private is appropriate after that then it will be done privately.

Is it possible for someone else to take over my forum if I don't want them to?
It seems some members have staged a coup and they've said they're going to contact freeforums to get the forum transferred to them... I set up the forum, it is inextricably linked to one of my websites and I DO NOT want some stranger walking in and taking over after all of my hard work.

I assume this is NOT allowed on any level if I am the person who registered, started, ran and initially paid for the freeforum?
myff admin

You have the control panel password, unless you have abandoned the forum or there is a legal case for your removal then you own the forum. It is not a democracy.

"Takeovers" have been done before - but this is when the administrators have abandoned the forum.  With an admin that is clearly active there is no reason for ownership to be transferred. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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