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myff admin

Hotblack server phpbb2 css/js file compression added

As of just now, as an experiment we are using a technique that should send css and template javascript files in compressed format.

For example this saves about 10% of the bandwidth when someone visits the support forum for the first time.

Not the biggest deal in the world perhaps, but anything that makes forums load quick is useful.
myff admin

I think that would have sparked complaints very quickly if it was going wrong... it has not, so it is now on all forums servers.

I've heard a lot that people should not be compressing things for download - but I'm thinking that is now outdated information.  Things have gotten so much faster and more advanced that most computers can easily handle compression.
myff admin

It is always a trade off, cpu load v's download speed and the overhead in web servers like apache of simply having processes handing around as they deliver long files. By and large though these days CPU is cheap.

We compress all we can compress basically. But I had not got round to thinking about transparent ways of compressing css. Most methods force the user to change stuff which is obviously not very useful in the forums environment. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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