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Hints And Tips On Google.

Hey, I'm having trouble for my site to get onto google. If you have any hints,tips or even tricks please post here. And the next time the search box is used other members can easily get access to useful tips on how to get on google.

Much appreciated,
Danny M

if you've added it

it can take up to 2 or 3 weeks i think

and also make sure you just search your forums name

so for example, say you put this on google:

then search 'therevieforum' on google every few days just to see if its on

like don't search: the review forum

as it might only be on page 20 for example

ok, but thats not the forum i want to appear. The review forum is there but who on earth is going to search: thereviewforum joint together! How do i get it to appear when name is typed with spaces?!
Danny M

you have to keep updating it and get loads of members and loads of posts

and then hopefully after some months, you'll start to work your way up google's ranking etc

So mass users and mass posts. But what do you mean by updating? regularly submitting it to google??
myff admin

There is no point whatsoever in submitting to google even once.

Google will rank on your site based on other sites linking to it, when other sites link to it google will list your site regardless of if you have submitted it. That is what google does.
Danny M

like keep updating your forum etc Forum Index -> Search Engines
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