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hii... Cloud you help me please?>>>>

Well, before to say anything, I created That forum because I want know How to do everything before do it in the real forum whit I work. Sorry if you don't understand very well all that I want to say but.. I'm a Spanish girl.. -

Well... At First.. I need help whit the "colours" of the users... I'm in a rol students forum and in that forum we want put differents colours for teachers, students, and doctors... How can I do it?

The second point is.. the "smilies". Can I put another smilies, like onions or whateverelse? How can I do it?

And, right now, this is all... Thanks ^^

check the howtodoit, most your questions should be answered there.

Otherwise, user colors are usually based on groups, so go into group management there.  Users use the color of their default group.

And there are other smileys that can be put on your board, they are already uploaded server wide.  If you want to use another set you can post it here and ask. Forum Index -> Portal components
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