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I am trying to modify a template as per the intsructions on

However I have set up an account called editor and given myself admin permissions and I am in the admin control panel but I can not find

Admin Panel - Styles Admin - Edit Templates/Logos

Please remember to read the Announcement first just click here.

OK when you click on this option in the Admin Panel the first screen you will see will be the Please Read Carefully Before Proceeding screen.

If this is your first attempt of making a template or changing your logo then you will have to create your own template first.

First off you need to be looking here Create one of your Forum Templates from an existing template in the first scroll bar you choose which template you wish to copy, say for example you wish the style used on this board which is called subsilver you would need to scroll down and find subsilver, then in the next scroll box choose myff_1 now press submit.

I have a PHPBB3 forum and not sure if it is different.

Can someone please advise?
myff admin

phpbb3 is totally different.

phpbb3 guides are here: Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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