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Help with Restoring a forum to a time earlier than 7 days

I am interested in paying $15 to restore a forum from the actions of a rouge admin.

2 days ago he deleted all active members and all forum sections and threads.

My question is, there was a mass delete of almost 3000 registered accounts.
Is it possible to get the forum rolled back more than seven days so I can undo
this action as well?

thank you for your consideration.
myff admin

Investigating now. An actual date would help.

I'm just inheriting this mess back, January 1st I think would undo the most damage,
I'm awaiting PMs from Moderators that were active at the time for an actual date.

Most members are still discombobulated form the forum delete.

Update: i was told the mass delete of users was 2+ weeks ago.
myff admin

I'm asking the backup guy, but backups are intended for disaster recovery not for a long audit trail of over a month.

Understood, I'll accept whatever you are willing to offer.
myff admin

Believe it or not Jan 1st is on offer  

You guys rock, ill be sending the payment today. January 1st will be a new start for us!

Thanx for rebooting our community.

If you could link the paypal account to send the payment, that would be awesome.

$15 USD was sent by PayPal to

I have also attached the reminder to rollback to Jan 1st
and the passwords to the forum panels.

Thanx for you quick reply, and awesome service!

myff admin

I am awaiting the backup file which then takes a lot of time and work to process.
I would hope to get things sorted tomorrow.

Take your time, I really appreciate this.

Final question:

I have no idea when this Rogue Admin became active for sure.
Its it possible to make sure the Rogue Admin, username= Le@N
does NOT have Admin or MOD status when restored?
myff admin

file being processed now, still a long way from a done restore mind.
myff admin

I'm pretty much ready to press restore. But once I do that, then the same rogue will have the same access rights.
So I'd rather kick off at an agreed time. The next 6 hours I cannot guarantee when I'm around. Feel free to PM a suggested time. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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