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Help with ranks needed please?

Hi, i am new to the forums and have just completed my own but i really do not understand how to get rank images. i have seen the ones i like on the available rank images thread but do not know how to get them. I do not fully understand about zip files and where would i get the ranks from to turn into a zip file.

I am sorry to sound so stupid but i am very new to this and would really like a helping hand.

Thanks Cheryl

Thank you.


Also, view the rank tutorial video that came with your forum

hi bravo,

have got gold stars but only says rank_ 1  etc what do I put before this have set up profile field for giving members a star etc in the members registrations this field is already setup so its what I put before rank_1 which is stars cheers David garden

In the post where you got your rank, the first sentence of the post tells you what to put first.  Look at the very top and it will say something along the lines of

enter ranks/stars/ then one of the following

Depending on which one you have.

If still not clear, rewatch the video:


Hi Bravo,        
I totally forgot about your video should have looked this up But forgot all about it. will check it now many thanks again where would we Be with'out you Guys helping us thanks.

David Garden.        Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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