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I have recently closed my old forum and deleted all old forums/subs.  I want to start a completely new Forum.  I have set up a new forum but it will not display on the board.  I have set user permissions for general users.  What am i missing doing please?  it is ages since i last set up a new forum

Further to my original post.   Whatever i do, any forum I set up does not show in the index,  It just says "This Board has no forums."  When I try to set some permissions, I am toild that the forum does not exist!?
myff admin

It is to be honest very hard to guess on this, there are layers and layers of phpbb3 permissions, making this not uncommon even for experience phpbb3 admins to get something wrong.

All I can suggest is either using a phpbb3 board which I still think are better, or being very systematic in going through forum and sub-forum permissions inspecting everything, and purging cache:

the knowledge base may also help you spot where permissions are wrong. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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