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Help needed urgently?

I Had the template on template 1, I Was working on a hack then  i messed something up which all the forums disappeared. So i asked a freind could he help get it back and he deleted my old green template and my shop etc?

Can you help please?  
myff admin

All you can do a is pay $15 for a restore of what templates you had in the weekly backup.

As the founder of this forum, I offered to help but you refuse to give me admin access. How you managed to delete all the code in the index, I don't understand either. Also, you weren't trying a "hack", you were removing a few lines of text

You made 2 random users administrator's too, no wonder the forums messed up.
Anyway, it'd be easiest to just swap the template to one that hasn't been involved in this; perhaps number 3 or 4? Unless you seriously want the old template I made??

(Just to clear it up, I created the forum but then decided I was too busy to continue running it so passed it onto John.)

I Dont want this leading in to fights,

Im gonna buy a new template and get the forum back..

Admin could you lock this now as a freind is working with me  Wink

Thanks anyway

If just the template was messed up - you can easily restore the subsilver and start over.  This is also a great reason why you should use a secondary template with the editor account.  This way you won't be altering the template everybody is using. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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