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Header  banner

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A kind member here has designed me a fantastic banner. I am having trouble loading it onto my forum. I am being asked to open an editer account, which i don't understand. Please help as I really want to get this fantastic banner on my forum so the work lsg2007 has done does not go to waste.

Heres the banner


First of all.. the editor account you need to create is simply a new username you register on your forum. when you login with this username you can edit any forum templates, which isnt your default template, and see the result of your edits without messing with your original template.

The template you are using for your forum doesnt have a logo on it. So you would need to work inside the codes of your overall_header.tpl in your admin panel. You will need some html basics to work this out.

There's a simple rule on here... ask for help not to have someone do the work for you...

All I need from you is all the codes you got in the overal_header.tpl so I can tell you what to put and how.

If you wish to add a header to a template that doesn't already have one, you will need to learn some html.  MFF allows people to do this by giving access to the files though of course it isn't technically forum support, so it is a skillset you will need to learn yourself.  Though the community does tend to help out in these kind of circumstances.

The easiest way of applying a new header is by following the tutorial video:


However, doing it this way means you need a banner of the same size as the one the template already has.  Changing size is ok, but you may need to tweak a little, which has been discussed many times so should turn up on searches. Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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