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Help installing new buttons with muddled language settings

As mentioned in another thread, I'm having trouble with the language settings on my board. One of my admins thought it would be hilarious to set the board's settings to Turkish when we first set up. I'm not sure how he did it, but now there is no lang_english folder to which I can upload the new buttons that one of our users has so graciously made for us. I'm aware of exactly how it ought to work, but when I go to upload the new buttons, lang_english doesn't exist, and lang_turkish is there instead. Changing the board's language back to Turkish doesn't seem to help either, since the links still point to lang_english, and even if it did fix the problem, none of us read Turkish so it would be moot. Any help would be greatly appreciated
myff admin

I have added a lang_english folder for you.

But I am a bit confused on what is going on.

Yeah, you're not the only one. Anyway, that did the trick. Thanks for your help, I've been trying to figure that out forever! Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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