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Help! How can i do what i need to?


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I run a self help group/charitable organisation and opened a forum here ages ago.
Im now ready to spend a littel more time but have been reminded that you cannot promote anything outside the forums and direct to any way of making money.
I am unsure of how i can acheive what i need an organisation we fundraise and have a donate button on our website, so does this count as both the above-advertising outside the boards and makin money? or does it mean for businesses?

I have seen foeums for charities before that seem to be the same as these and wonder how i can acheive that.

i also wondered how you use the domain name on the forums? having a website       i already have the domain name-can it be used for both? im new to all this stuff and sometimes m not clear on what i read. so i really hope someone can explain it better for me.
Many Thanks


Having a donate button is fine, using your forum to fundraise is also fine.  What you can't do is anything to disrupt the advertisements (as they pay for the free service).  If you wish the removal of the advertisements you can do that via the site shop

You can map your domain name to your forum should you so wish

thanks for replying
so all seems ok for me then?

when you say i can map my domain name-what actual difference will this make?

would you have any recmmendations as to how i proceed and try to get this going?

Have you looked at my main website? any good at these? ive just spent months on it, changing various things after advice etc etc and this morning i woke to find the documetn was no longer on my memory stick!
i have some vey good helpers from the relevant forum helping me but, just thought if i picked as many brains as possible i may find someone who knows where i may re-locate the file.
many thanks
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