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Have I accidentally blocked ads?


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None, this needs an admin reply.

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I have just finished placing a top background image with built-in header containing forum name.  After working for hours to make it work (being short on this type of experience) I then realized a couple of things 1) I hadn't seen any ads while working on this forum.  Then 2) I think my header may be blocked when ads are served, how will I know?

And an unrelated question that I need answered and have no idea where to place: The username I have here, I can't use it in my forum, why is that?  I actually need it.  Can this be adjusted so I may use it?

Why am I having such a difficult time finding where to place queries?  Sorry, I know these don't belong here but I just can't figure this forum setup out.  Please tell me where I find such threads as I couldn't find my way to anything that had any relation at all to these topics.
myff admin

ads don't show on new forums, so don't worry.

you'll need to change the admin account name in the admin panel, you may need to log back in, as saving the change may log you out

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