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Simon Benson

Hate Forums

I would like to report two forums which have been set up with the sole purpose of promoting abuse and causing distress.

I would not be surprised if both forums had been set up by the same warped individual.  

I have no doubt that to intentionally set up a forum for such a reason is contrary to your terms and conditions.
myff admin

these forums have been suspended.
Simon Benson

Thank you for your assistance admin.  There really is no need for such vile activity on forums.

Hi. myff admin.

Could I also report a forum please.

Not only is this forum an attempt to tarnish my proffesional name but they are posting under my forum username of ActualMat and talking about my child - aswell as making further accusations.
I've been alerted to these forums and am sad to be here under these circumstances.

Any assitance in not only removing the board but also passing on this offenders details to me would be much appreciated as this is another example of abuse these people are giving me using the internet.

Simon Benson

Hi myff admin.

It is obvious that the individual who set up at least one of the other two forums is hell bent in trying to get around the suspension.  I can vouch for Mat and can verify what he posts is correct. Other peoples user names from a privately run forum are being used in this latest forum to cause upset.

I am not sure how you can deal with such a persistent offender as he or she use an IP proxy service to hide their location?  Maybe they can be traced via the e-mail address they used to set up the forums in the first place.

So sorry for this hassle.

A different complaint should be in a different thread and a proper report made Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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