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Harry Potter RPG link exchange

Looking for someone to exchange links with. No forum too small. We also are a beginning forum, but have lots of creativity and the members we have are dedicated. Check us out, and see if you want to exchange.

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haha thats funny. I'm just making a HP forum with mff now too and i didn't even see yours. Now this means war! lol joking

I'll exchange with you when my forums finally done if you don't mind but i havn't done much with it yet :O


Sure I'll host your link on my begining forum. Is there any criteria I have to match as well? Number of posts and what not?

I have just link-exchanged with you  Let me know if there are a required number of posts.

Want to do it with me?

Oh and Snap on the template

Hey, I'll add you, mine is and its an art site. No special criteria really...
Daniel Beal

Please see my thread here:

I will do a link exchange

I've started a HP one too. I'll exchange with you. Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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