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myff admin

Happy new year

First off I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year, especially the mods and other support forum contributors who help our community so much.

I also generally at this time give a little bit of a year in review and thoughts for the year coming.

Last year has been pretty tumultuous, marked by a lot of ups and downs, it really nags me that for the first time in our over 5 year history I made some promises at the start of the year for developing the forums that I simply have not been able to see through to completion

On the other hand we have not been stagnant on the forums front, we have kept up with phpbb3 development and whilst I have not been keeping particular count, I expect we have managed to add a couple of dozen enhancement to the forums over the last year.

The main focus of the last year started with our shipping our servers from the USA to a more sophisticated set up in a UK datacenter, where we virtualised our server operations. In the space of 18 months we have gone from 3 reasonable powerful servers in the USA to running those server in the UK with 4 much more powerful servers providing the driving force, by the end of next week we will I think have two more servers ordered awaiting delivery

It has been a major investment and whilst it started off being for the forums alone, our willingness to create a powerful server farm and our general commitment and technical capability drew us into ever closer orbit with Switch Concepts who took the job of advertising management for us late last year.

It became more and more apparent that our company MarsJupiter LTD could help make Switch Concepts a major player in the arena of internet advertising, they bought an awful lot to the table by way of understanding and driving towards what the industry wants, we could be a major part of making that happen and the collaboration would bring a needed income stream to us.

We have always been a company that was able to invest in the forums and not need to sweat income out of them, as we have always had other income streams, those streams were by last year getting very thin on the ground as the recession hit home, something really did need to happen to help out on that.

The good news is that the joint efforts of us and Switch are steaming ahead at a frightening pace, the bad news is the sheer amount of investment it takes to cope with growth at the moment  

So what are the plans for next year?

We can't get away from the fact that we still have a lot to do to develop the new side of the business, but the good news there is that we now have much more of a development team and plans to expand further and that our partners Switch Concepts are also keen to see myff develop.

A small example of that partnership on the forums is our new look main web site that was a joint effort with Switch.

All told last year was totally hectic and has transformed what we are as company, next year things will transform even more and the pace of changes makes it impossible to say exactly what will be happening   But I'm sure it will be good and that our members can look forward to the next years foruming with us Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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