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vais4u22 referrals and freebies forum

greatdeas4us is a gpt and ptc and freebies forum where you can join and find cool sites to make extra cash or a special deal or freebie you may like,and to share with others your referral links and freebies.the goal of the forum is to help each other save and make money which we all need,i welcome everyone to join and hope you like it there,pretty much all the gpt site require you live in usa,canada,unitedkingdom,australia and be ages 13 or older to join.join us and do some posting,and you can even visit us and read all the topics if you prefer.all countries are welcome and maybe share or find some ptc sites for other countries.thank you all very much for reading my post and hope to see you there soon.also i know some feel unsafe giving their address to join forums they dont know so you will know we dont require address to join just and email and select a password to log in to join.

the banner is one the instant paypal gpts see how well they paid me,low $1 to cashout usa,ca,uk,au ages 13 or older only can join click banner if you want to visit them and try it.hope you love it as i do Forum Index -> Post your forum
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