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Gotta quick consern

How do you get into the forum owners forum?

I think you have to ask Admin to let you in. I don't know if there are any rules about who gets in and who doesn't, sorry. But he doesn't usually bite, so he'll tell you what to do.

So i just wait if he bites ill get my bombus to sting him  lol just kidding!

I remember seeing another thread here where someone else asked about entrance to that forum - so if you can find it, just post your request there.

But there may be a minimum age requirement or something, in which case you'll have to wait a couple of years, sorry.

Or e-mail him... That usually works, plus there's this
Forum Description wrote:

You will need to email with

Reading does magnificent things no?

Re: Gotta quick consern

waspman wrote:
How do you get into the forum owners forum?

Using the search gets you answers much faster. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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