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yung S.K 007

Got kicked out of google

I got kicked out of google like 6 weeks ago and i tried to submit my forum on google alot of times but my forum is still not appearing on google
Does any one know why i got kicked out of google or how to get back on google

myff admin

kicked out of google is a strange statement.

Submitting to google does not do much good.

Getting found by google depends on you have links from other sites to your forum.

If I may make some suggestions as how to increase traffic.

Go to sites that are popular (ie. Myspace, Facebook, etc.) and post a link to your forum. Dozens of people visit other peoples pages a day. I have a dA (deviantart) account and I post links to my forum in journals, and in sigs (even in the art I do ) and I get visits and maybe new members if you have the right type of forum... thats just me though
yung S.K 007

there's a blog i submitted and it come up on google but not my forum
so will my forum ever be show up on google,msn or yahoo
myff admin

Possibly not if your efforts are limited to one blog and here.

But with lots of links listing are going to occur. It is a matter of work and patience. Forum Index -> Search Engines
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