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myff admin

Google maps portal

Just a thought, something so that you can let your member mark themselves on a map.

It should be easy enough, though I imagine you use it you will have to register with google, as these things need an APIKEY and if we use the same one for all the forums we will blow any limits sky high.

Any thoughts? examples? expertise?
myff admin

I have found one phpbb2 addon for google maps, it probably does all that is needed, but is a very "heavy" implementation.

The job could be done with a lot less messing with the core phpbb2 database.
myff admin

Some feedback on what might be wanted would really help here!

So far I'm thinking of two portals, which would be copyable as usual.

One portal would be the map portal that would show the map. This portal would be able to specify a number of mapmarker portals.

There would of course be all sorts of permissions as to who would be able to add what.

I'd like to be able to create a map for my members to be able to opt in to show on.

I see time has passed since you posted this. Any thoughts in recent months.

One thing I'd need though is it to work on phpbb3 as we plan to move forward some time soon. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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