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myff admin

Google Analytics

Just a heads up really. Loads of sites use this to see things about their traffic, we have always resisted it, as I don't really like anything that slows down page loads for people.
However google now have a system that is asynchronous. e.g. whilst there is a javascript script that has to be loaded, the page does not wait for analytics to run.
As such I stuck it in on phpbb2 forums a couple of days ago and phpbb3 forums just now.

I've been running Google Analytics on mine for ~6 months.

Do you know if I need to update my code to be running this new version?
myff admin

We only run it on sites that are not ad free so there should be no conflict with your site.

I'd recommend updating though, as it does work and does not delay page loads.

Thanks. I'll look into it Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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