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Google Adsense

I have been trying to embed Google Adsense onto my forums. I've done it before successfully, but now I'm not getting them appear.

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I've tried putting them in the OVERALL_HEADER.html and the VIEW_TOPIC.html but neither of them are currently working (if you look at the page source on my forums, you'll see where by doing a search for <!-- vvv Banner Advert vvv -->

I know the Google Adsense configuration is working because I have tested it on another website, and I know I'm putting it in the right place on the page, because if I replace the Adsense with a generic banner advertisement, it all displays correctly. As it is, I'm just getting an empty space.

Does anyone have any ideas?
myff admin

Your google tags look a little different to what I'm familiar with, but this may be a domain problem.

I'd recommend if you want to use google adsense you use it on your own domain name, easily mapped to be your myff forum.

Quite possibly adsense won't appear on a myff domain simply because google barred us from adsense following apparently a content violation, of course they wouldn’t say what where or when   and at the same time were showing hard porn masquerading as Disney videos on google owned youtube.

But its one rule for google and another they impose arbitrarily and without even the decency of disclosure on others

So I'd recommend getting your own domain if you want to use adsense. I'd like to suggest not using google at all, but it is obviously the easiest if not with their monopoly close to the only option for a small web site. but lets face it their days of "do no evil" are long gone, there are any number of tales of them massacring innocent web businesses.

Ah. That makes sense then. Thanks for your quick response. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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