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myff admin

Goodbye Ford, Hello Enterprise

The Enterprise server is now online at the new datacenter. This is the server that was Ford.

The first order of play with Enterprise is to take advantage of the fact it is empty to test out a range of procedures that can be later applied to the working servers.

I plan to make every effort to do this slowly, the current month has been pretty frenetic, but it has left us ahead of the clock and now is the time to take a little advantage of that.
myff admin

Now have three virtual machines in more advanced stages of preparation on Enterprise.

One for forums, one for hosting and one for internal utility use.  This is all kind of drudge work though, it avoids the tough stuff. But it is nice to be just plodding along for a bit
myff admin

Hosting system now largely set up

Probably a good time to realise that this is meant to be the weekend!
myff admin

Had a slight scare working on Enterprise this morning So despite Enterprise not doing actual work I'm going to take an even bigger step back are recreate more of the server environment locally which is even safer for testing procedures.

The clock is ticking, but deadlines are still a safe way off, so that there is no frantic rush to populate Enterprise.
myff admin

Nature abhors a vacuum and for all the vague plans for enterprise it was there empty and demanded a real use and aside from the little amount of hosting that has been put on it, a use may have cropped up

It is now set up to run an ad server for the people that now run our advertising. Setting that up has been a good opportunity to go live with a different web server to the ubiquitous Apache. So the adserver us running on "lighttpd". Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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