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gods helpforum

I edited your post to make the link work...

It may help others if you leave a brief description about your forum..

You have no posts and no members. You have to give people a reason to join. Content is the key. Why would I join a discussion forum when there is no discussion going on? Just my thoughts.



of course theres no post are members  just started it yesterday lol

Okay, well, I will check back.

Ask Mr. Religion

Yes, you need a description of the forum and probably some sort of statement of doctrinal beliefs that will be allowed/not allowed for the forum.

Also why is everything in lowercase? Especially "god"?


Come on in my first day i made over 100+ posts!

Re: hi

denise04 wrote:
of course theres no post are members  just started it yesterday lol

Understandably, but this is why we recommend people don't start advertising their forums until they have content that will encourage people to read and maybe register, at the time you posted your link here, there was only the default post and any looking at the link given would see that and click away, but with some content of interest people will be more inclined to hang around and see what there is to add to. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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