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We have a previous GLBT support forum, which also targets survivors, companions and family members of the like. We have found a better host called my fast fun forums, and love the options, so we are moving up. The changes are good but hard. I am working on the forum bits and have learned and gotten a few things down, but it's not quite where I want it to be. My partner is working on the web pages right now.

I like this blog here, to talk about updates and such. I have spent several, several hours on our forum. We have yet to release our forum to our members yet, they are still on our old forum. I know they are missing us because instead of being there active I've been working on our new forum, which they have no clue of and it's exciting they will totally be surprised. I hope they like it and we wanna grow so this is the best route to go.

I have been able to add a quiz which makes me happy and like the fader. I have found as many hacks and mods as possible, still trying to get the portals down.

I wanted to add different buttons for posting, email, etc. The ones currently are too small, so I messed up and deleted a few not realizing the ones I uploaded wouldn't be added, so now not sure what to do or how to get it replaced.

*bangs head* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

I am spending countless hours on trying to make our forum right and fun, enjoyable and easy to navigate. I have had to ditch things, re-do things, made mistakes, start over, but it's learning. It can be stressful, but I am very excited, our members are going to be really surprised to see that we got a new place that is really awesome! Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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