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Getting temp Admin password


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I hope this is the correct place to ask this question, if not please direct me to the correct section.
What is the procedure to get a temporary admin password?
The person who was the admin for our forum, has left the organization and moved out of state. He did not give any one the admin password.
What do we need to do get a temp admin password so we can log in and create a new password,
and regain full control of our forum.
What documentation is needed to prove we are acting on behalf of our club and with the board of directors consent?
Is this procedure posted any where?

There really is no 'official' procedure for this... and it does not go very fast, though it has been done before.

Create a topic in a guest viewable area on your forum stating what has happened and getting a consensus about who should get access to an admin account.  It will be at least a few days before there's been enough evidence that you should get the admin access, but it is the MFF admin that has the final say.

Please forgive me for my ignorance, Is there a email address for the MFF admin?
Is there a place to post a request directly to them?

myff admin

An email request will only be answered with what Zudane has said already.

We need to see evidence that a password request is valid.
myff admin

I see guest access is not there, and new members cannot register without admin approval.

However a thread could still be set up as suggested, we can manage to see the thread if it is there.

thank you

We have started a thread in our forum to change the admin.

We are planning on sending out a email to our members to post replies to this
thread, so you can see that as a group we want to change out admin.

I will let you know when that email goes out,
and then you wait a couple of days to check the thread
and verify that we want the admin account changed.
Please let me know what we should do next.
myff admin

What concerns me here, is that when I registered, the account was activated by your forum admin/owner. So they are around in some capacity or other.

Yes, he was; however he has left the club and moved out of state.
As you can see from our user list he has not been active on the forum in a long time.
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Permission James Pou 11 27 Aug 2008 04 Oct 2008 Yes

We really don't want to start a new forum, and lose all the threads that exist.
So we would like to transfer the admin/owner account to Karen Dillon,
who is also a member and already has limited admin permission.
Based on a previous message, you told us this could be done.
And that we should start a thread to prove that is what the members wanted.
Please let me know if there is anything else we need to provide to
transfer the owner/admin account.

What I said still applies, but I will have to email the admin about it.
If he could activate my membership then clearly he could hand over ownership properly without my intervention!

I think I understand what has happened.
Did you join as cprado1993?
Karen Dillon activated your account, not James Pou.
if you check the last time James has visited the forum you will see
it was in 2008.

I joined as myfreeforum.

I'm sure this will all work out, you I'm sure understand that we have to be very cautious about forced ownership changes.

I more than understand your caution, and thank you for your care in this matter.
I think you can see my the number of responses we getting to our thread for a new admin at
It is the wish of the forum membership that there be a forced ownership change.

I would like to suggest that you wait a couple of more days and watch the responses.
We have sent out a general email to all club membership asking them to post
replies supporting this change. I know you will see that this change has the support
of our club membership.

We would however like to get this issue wrapped up as soon as possible, as we are trying to
make plans for our next year, which begins in Sept. This is just one thing we would like to
have taken care of.

Again, thanks for you help and patience.

Do we have enough posting supporting the change of ownership for our forum?
What needs to happen next?
Please let me know if you need anything more from us?

myff admin

Ok, I have sent a notification to the current owner.

We have to be reasonable here. e.g. they have to be given a week to respond before ownership is changed.

>they have to be given a week to respond before ownership is changed

I just checked our user list, and James has not access the forum since 04 Oct 2008.
Have you heard from him this week?
If not, I think we have enough posts at
to show that our members would like a change in the forum ownership.
Can we please proceed with a change in forum ownership?
myff admin

I have sent a PM to Karen D transferring ownership. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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