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Getting Forum into search engines

I am hoping some one can explain in simple terms how to get my site into the search engines so it shows up on google etc.
Ive read the how to do it and it's a bit complicated .Can someone explain the best way to do it in easy terms.
myff admin

The howtodoit guides are meant to be simple.

If you have a problem with them, then tell us which bit you don't understand.

Its about where i insert the meta tags in order to get the site onto google .
I went onto google webmaster tool etc and put thier meta tags in but site woud not verify ?
I must be doing something wrong .
Basically its to get search engines to find my site . What the best advice please.

true blood forum
myff admin

1) Meta tags do virtually nothing for you.
2) You have not told us what you did, I see no meta tags on your site.
3) There is nothing to index.
4) There is nothing to index.
5) There is nothing to index.

You need to create a real forum with content first.

Im new at this hence the advice.
Can you explain regard creating a real forum with content ? also nothing to index .
If meta tags are no good can you explain what to do please.

content is posts. If you have no posts, google will assume the site is pointless and not index it. Why go to an empty forum?
myff admin

Google is basically chicken and egg, you need the content before you get indexed, of course it is harder to get the members to help with that until you are well indexed. But really most forum members won't be found via google unless you get to be one of the elite lucky few.

cheers Forum Index -> Search Engines
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