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getting admin access to


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How do i go about getting admin access. I have made various attempts to contact our old admin Mike Boxwell but have not had any response.  I am a registered member of the forum and would like to take over the maintenance of the site.  Since I dont want the repository of knowledge that has built up for this subject to be lost again.  I dont mind being allocated a proxy role for Mike I am just intrested in the practicality of running the forum not out to grab any of the limelight.

Can you please assist me in my quest ?


myff admin

The general procedure is to create a thread there and link to this thread here, so that members can show support for this.

When that has happened we will make out own attempt to contact the owner.

Yes. I am the original owner of this forum. I am really happy other people want to take it on.
myff admin

Can you login to the control panel then and change email password for a new owner of your choice.
There is no need to involve us if this is all amicable. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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