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German Nazi Forum on myfreeforum

Hey people and workers from

Sorry, my english is not very good. Hopefully im in the right topic, otherwise im sorry.

Id like to report a german nazi forum running on myfreeforum:
Heres the link:

I think everybody knows what the name "deutschesreich" means ?

For example the main topics in this forum:

-Deutsches Reich
-Schuldig des Hochverrates am Deutschen Reich

Owner of this Forum is Jens Bothe a well known german nazi.

For example take his signature: (using Flags of "Deutsches Reich" and other nazi crap)

The owner of this forum is posting lots of nazi trash. Hes talking about germany is an illegal gouverment an he likes to make the "German Reich" the new gouverment for all germans.
In his Forum hes talking about holocaust is a lie and all germans should be citizen of "Deutsches Reich".

Please block this nazi !

For questions about his content im here and hopefully i can translate his nazi crap if you want.

Have a nice day...

myff admin

Nazi crap will die, but I read no German, give me a link to a post I can auto translate so I can see something solid.

One example:


Article 20 (4) against anyone who undertakes to abolish this constitutional order, all Germans have the right to resist, if no other remedy is possible ist.Wo injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty!

No law for everything!

Legal evidences to 291 Code of Civil Procedure in 2011
the Basic Law, the BRD FOR no longer applies! Scope missing since 17.07.1990! ! !
The identity card of the "Federal Republic in Germany" is not a proof of their German citizenship.
Badges of BRD-administrative staff are not official statements.
The FRG has. Not own territory (see 185 BBG) Federal Civil Service Act (BBG), 185: "As the Reich under this Act, the territory of the German Reich until 31 December 1937 in their respective limits, after that date, within the limits of the 31st December 1937 ". As of: 09/09/2009
The FRG and their authorities is still a pure occupation authorities do not represent the state Germany but performs tasks in the Auftag Alleiirten.
The state "German Reich" persists (cf. 2 BvF 1/73) (Federal Constitutional Court judgment of 1973) and until today.
The state "German Reich" has remained a territory (see 185 BBG) (BBG = Federal Civil Service Act)
The state "German Reich" has remained a state people (cf. RuStAG 1913) (Nationality Act)
The state "German Reich" has still one nationality (see RuStAG 1913)
The state "German Reich" has still a Constitution (Constitution of 1871, as modified: 10/28/1918)

Other example, talking about Hitlers son (holy crap)


Other example:


Mrs Merkel is managing director of a "non-Regierungsorganistaion" (Gabriel)
Citizens' rights guarantee only REAL States citizens.
For the FRG administration are passport holders who are not members of religious or ideological community, not even thinking "natural persons" (BGB), but as a confiscated human capital, such as animals, legal persons with the status of objects, without human or animal rights!
BRD-parties are not legally responsible associations ( 37 PPA) whose members personally for all that their "leaders" crimes liable under Article 6 EGBGB can be made.

Most of his content is made by copy and paste from other nazi websites.

Im sure you can take every post in his forum, translate it, read it and youll see his crazy ideas about "Deutsches Reich".

im still here for questions.

myff admin

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