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Now ask your question in clear English without "txt" speak>>>> My problem, when I attach a picture to a post in my forum, it appears in the Gallery. Now the problem is, if I want to attach a cercain sig jpeg to more than one post it apears over and over in my Gallery. So if I delete these extras, then they leave a blank white square on the post. How do I stop every attachment from going to the gallery, and if I do this, will it leave my gallery empty? Also is there a way to upload Gallery Pictures to my posts, this would eliminate my problem, I do believe.

Let me give you a real example---I have a movie forum, the actor devine came up in conversation, so I uploaded a Pic of him. It imediately went to the Gallery. Now people viewing the gallery might ask why do you have that Pic. Well I deleted it when I saw it in the gallery. It of course left a big white blank on the post.
myff admin

When you attach a pic, the code that you see get pasted into the post can be pasted into any number of posts. So you only need to upload once.

All uploads do go into the gallery. Forum Index -> Portal components
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