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myff admin

Gallery maintenance

As people may have noticed the gallery has glitched a few times recently.

This is I strongly suspect because it is using the old Zaphod server which was also prone to a glitch every few months

We took the opportunity on rebuilding the server to apply all the BIOS tweaks recommended by Dell in the hope that would sort things. it plainly has not, as such I have a new RAID card being delivered by Dell Monday and we will get that installed asap.

This will mean the gallery will do down for about 1 hour.

This will probably be in the latter half of next week.
myff admin

Contrary to my communication with Dell, the paperwork that has come through with the card says that they are in no hurry and don't especially care about getting the old card back.
As such since this is not urgent, it can wait until I drop of the NAS at the datacenter. e.g. probably some time next week
myff admin

This should be finally happening Friday and a special backup is under-way in case of issues.

There is a very small risk of the new RAID card causing issues. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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