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myff admin

Frustrating week

On the one hand we now have a properly integrated secure network between our datacenters

On the other hand we really should have got to that point three months ago, e.g. as soon as the need arose.

We were slow off the mark to get going on the issue, then made the fatal error of trying to outsource the work to a company that said they could do it and which gave a stupidly cheap quote for doing it.

Now on the one hand what we wanted done at this stage is stupidly simple. Having got it done I could repeat the job for another datacenter in roughly 1 hour flat if it came to a race, so there was nothing totally wrong with a cheap quote, on the other hand it should always set the alarm bells off.

Anyway long story short, a lot of time wasted and job not done, so I ended up doing it myself and asking for help on a support mailing list, and actually getting help within 24 hours My mistakes were simple beginners errors, but I'm forgiving myself as the error handling sucks at giving useful messages.

I have sent the guy who helped a decent beer token

All told though probably well over a weeks work has gone on this one way or another  

However the gains should begin to show themselves, we can now treat all of our servers as if they were on the same local network behind a firewall which means less servers having to have any public access and some functions that simply could not be used in terms of security now being available Forum Index -> Off Topic
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