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Fried Forum = Requesting A Roll Back

(I found a post by original owner here b4. The irony... copying his tempalte for simplicity.)

Well, one of our mods went nuts and decided to delete everything, so rollback time it is!  

I just donated 15$ in paypal, my email the donation was sent by was althesodacan[at]  I can provide the transaction ID if needed.

The deleting started at:

Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:47 am

According to the logs, and ended at approx:

Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:01 pm

(I dont know if the logs are in my time zone btw! I'm Pacific time, so any roll back to the 29th would be very safe.)
myff admin

Please can you email me the control panel password to admin[at] to authorise this.

I'm the site admin, I authorize this.  I'll send you the email.

Also, I noticed last night around 4am eastern I received about 10 emails saying I lost my password to my account on the forum, which is not the case.  Then today my forum account had it's email and password changed.  Had to go through the control panel to get the account back.  Any ideas on what happened there?

Get back to me on NRC Lava, you missed quite the mess.
myff admin

I have restored, but of course if you have a rogue I will have restored their mod rights! Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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