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Free 500- 10000 Wii points (not a scam)

Ok who wants up to 10000 Wii points ??

Its very easy but i think only works in Europe.

First of all you have to have connected your Wii to the internet using the Wii fi. And not entered the wii shop channel more than 30 days ago.

Once you have set your wii up to connect to the net follow these easy steps.

1. go to the wii shop channel.
2. click on Connection Ambassador Promotion
3. click on the person who was helped
4. Enter my wii number which is 2162 7429 0964 8615
5. Now send me your wii number and i will add it as the person i helped. (see below on how to find your wii number)
6. wait around 2 mins then we both get 500 wii points.

How to find your wii number.

On the main wii menu click on the envelope icon on the bottom right hand side.
Now click on the icon which looks like a scrap piece of paper called create message
Now click on the address book, your wii number will be shown.


This only works for the first 30 days after you have first entered the wii shop channel, if you do the above and cant see the icon connection ambassador promotion, then it is too late for you.

you can also do this with your friends by following the same guide but this time they add your wii number, and you click on the Connection ambassador icon and enter their number, by clicking the Connection ambassador icon

Each wii can only be helped once, but you can help up to 20 wii`s each time receiving 500 points, so therefore 10000 points.

What do the points mean.

You can enter the wii shop and click on the Start Shopping icon, then by clicking on the first two icons you can see list of games you can download and play on your wii by spending those points, they have new games and old classics like zelda,sonic the hedgehog basically all the old classic SNES games.

Not A Scam

here is the official wii page promoting this offer.

If you help 10 people connect to the Internet, you reach Gold status and can download ALL Nintendo-published NES games for free on Virtual Console as well as receiving a total of 5,000 Wii Points. If you connect a maximum of 20 people to the Internet, not only will you attain Platinum status, you will also receive a total of 10,000 Wii Points to spend on WiiWare games and can download ALL NES, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games on Virtual Console for FREE.

Interesting, could do so on my mom's wii - but that was well over a year ago.  So, can't help test there.

wow, this is pretty great

I haven't used my WII in a good year but I'll definitely be trying this out tomorrow ^_^

Thanks Symon =]

Sorry for the double post but this hasn't worked for me... the icon didn't appear so i'm guessing it's because i've been using the shop or something

I did however post this elseware (Using your number as I don't really need the points) so if you're getting any numbers this is why - I hope you don't mind, thought it would help you ^^' Forum Index -> Off Topic
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