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Founder does not have all ACP lists.


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I am  a founder member and I wanted to enable " Board-wide e-mail " for user registration. On going to " Email settings " all it has listed is

Contact e-mail address:
This address will be used whenever a specific contact point is needed, e.g. spam, error output, etc. It will always be used as the From and Reply-To address in e-mails.

Return e-mail address:
This will be used as the return address on all e-mails, the technical contact e-mail address. It will always be used as the Return-Path and Sender address in e-mails.

E-mail signature:
This text will be attached to all e-mails the board sends.
   Thanks, The Management

Hide e-mail addresses:
This function keeps e-mail addresses completely private.

Can you help please ?

Just to add. There are 3 founder accounts and none of them show " Board-wide e-mail ".
myff admin

I can't think what option you mean?

When someone registers, emails go to them and or the boards administrators, they certainly should not go "board wide".

It was this paragraph that led me to the option. It's a bit confusing.

Account activation:
This determines whether users have immediate access to the board or if confirmation is required. You can also completely disable new registrations. “Board-wide e-mail” must be enabled in order to use user or admin activation.

As I have already received an email from someone who has registered it's obviously not needed and

This still does not explain why none of the founders have access to all founder bits in the ACP.

Thank you. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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