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myff admin

Forums on Jeltz, Zaphod, Hotblack and Wonko for good measure

We have provisioned two new servers in the last few weeks, and whilst the servers the forums in the title are on are all under 18 months old, the world of virtualisaton does move on apace, and basically whilst we moved into that world as soon as it got safe to do so, there are still bugs in virtualisation platforms.

In particular, the xenServer platform can manage to lose disk space, we have one physical server with 400gb of simply lost space  

The upshot is that I am going to be moving forums servers to newer physical servers, so that we can upgrade to the latest greatest virtualisation system and regain our disk space in the process.

So forums may be down in the early hours over the next few days. A switch to a new server involves about 3 hours of downtime.

For anyone who does not know about virtualisation, it allows on physical computer to pretend it is a great number of virtual computers, the benefits of this are immense, we actually run about 80 virtual computers on 10 actual computers.
myff admin

Zaphod now moved, all very smoothly really.

Only notable thing for me was tracking the process on my mobile phone  

Still not ideal, limited resolution, too small and clumsy. But workable all the same. I was able to reboot the forums server from the phone  

That's excellent administrative measures!!!
myff admin

Next up will be forums on hotblack which does include the support forum, which will be down for the duration.

This maybe tomorrow night, at that point one of our large servers will be very close to empty so it can be fully rebuilt.
myff admin

Planning this for 1am gmt.

 Thanks for heads up.

myff admin wrote:
Planning this for 1am gmt.

Would that be tonight Feb 8 2011 or was that last night? One AM gmt would be 2 AM here in Europe and 8 PM on the east coast USA. Right.


myff is uk based and so will do all things like this on Greenwich meantime, so the netherlands simply adds an hour, as I'm sure your aware
myff admin

I'm looking at the plot to deal with updating the next server.

We have 6 servers that still need dealing with, and two of them are old servers without the remote access cards that have been proving very useful in dealing with remote updates.

The biggest problem is that we need to finish off procedures to ensure close to zero down time on some of the services. With forums we can be pragmatic and say 2 hours down time overnight is a small price to pay for a straightforward and safe procedure. We can apologies to our users but justify the action.

With other things, the customers are not so forgiving

As such whilst Jeltz should be the next forums system in line to be moved, there really needs to be work done to get the problem services moved without complaint. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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