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forums getting unwanted posts


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Now ask your question in clear English without "txt" speak>>>>my forum is getting unwanted posts  spamming but have got it set so reg users only can post l deleted two from aus  l didnt know  banned ips but l have to delete posts every morning l now personally know everyone on the site so dont understand how lm still getting spam posts ?  your help would save hours every morning deleteing unwanted posts thanks

The easiest and quickest way is to set registrations to admin approved only

I'm sorry but you haven't got it set up correctly - I just went on your forum and created a new topic without registering.

Sorry, I'm afraid that's another one for you to delete.....  

lol  thanks judy lol

so can someone point me or help me get it to stop please

lve changed  the permissions to to everything reg and judy can still post ?????
lm loosing it lol
can someone please tell me how to do whatever l need or do it for me please

step by step cause lm fick please

its ok l think ive got it l had set it in permissions to reg for all  ,but didnt realise you had to do the same for every forum header  some were two forum headers that were set to any and thats where the posts were coming from  

sorry to bother   you but hope it helps someone else as fick as me

thanks  peter

Yes, it doesn't allow me to post now

Maybe run through this tutorial video to refresh yourself how the permissions work


thanks bravo will try it

and ta judy Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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