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Here is my new forum join up!

as has been said to you many many many times before....

a forum must have content before you can get people to join it.  There are 55 posts on your forum, and you have 41 of them.... and one other member has 15 (there's a post missing somewhere)

55 is a reasonable amount before advertising a forum.  Of course the owner has made them, who else will post until he does?

Well done Ant on listening to previous comments on content, keep it up, a minimum of 10 posts per day from you and maybe just maybe your forum will kick off.  Good luck with it.

Oh so i was aiming a bit high i thought that 100 per day was the minuim!BOY am i wrong oh well

Also mike is like a posting machine the guy already has 50+ posts!

ant1994 wrote:
Oh so i was aiming a bit high i thought that 100 per day was the minuim!BOY am i wrong oh well

Look up the word 'minimum'.

Sorry i type way to fast
Anyway now is a good time as any for an update
3 members
170 posts

Now can i consider advertising on other forums?

You could consider it, but I'd say it's probably a good idea to make sure you get permission first.
myff admin

If by advertising you mean spamming? then no you can't.

No what i ment was in some ant forums that i go on it has a forum links and websites forum so members can post their ant related websites and forums i hope i made that clear enough

In my opinion you definitely have enough content to make it interesting to other people now. You have almost 200 posts now. Send that posting machine over to me, would you?   I would think with their permission you could definitely post your forum. Good job on your forum. One question though, is there something wrong with your navigation bar, where FAQ, MEMBERLIST,  etc. are? It looks a bit odd.


content is great when starting a forum and it is a great tool to get people using your forum, but posting for the sake of it isn't. If I go to a forum and see lots of information on the topic I'm interested in - for example, ants - I'd be more likely to join, but seeing posts like this would put me off. What is the function of that topic? There are many more like it.

Just gave it another look and found even more, what is with the triple posting? This for example, also why is the archive section publicly viewable?

To tell the truth i have made a bow i will start posting it after at least 200

Another small update:
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