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Forum unavailable?

Hello, is not accessible.  I was in the process of updating the avatar for my admin account.

I am also unable to get to

I am however able to get to this forum (

Is this unique to me or are there general server difficulties?

Is there a specific location I can view or post for these outages (its not a "fried forum" but I was unsure where else to post).

If it is a server outage - does this happen a lot?



link works ok for me. so must have been a local issue

It's still not working for me.

I can get to,,

I can also get to (searched with google):

But not:

Could it be a single server hosting all of these?  

Any help appreciated - anything else I can check?

Every link you say is not working is working for me try clearing cache etc ..
myff admin

You must have triggered an IP ban.


Its working now.  What causes an IP ban?  If this was the case - is it always just locked for a period of time?

I really was just modifying my avatar - I was jumping around the galleries trying to choose my icon - but manually - nothing I would have expected to trigger a ban.


myff admin

Gallery viewing will spark a lot of requests to the server, it may just end up looking like a flood attack. It is rare for that to happen, and it is a timed ban. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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