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the holy ekaj monarchy

forum suspended


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My forum at was suspended (not sure how long...). The forum was not terribly active, as it served as the centre for an organization on a third party game (Nationstates). However, for "historical" purposes I would very much like to see the forum back.

myff admin

unsuspended, please check for spam.

Forum Suspended

Hi, I was wondering if somebody could advise me. I am trying to reactivate the forum that was setup for our website.


The problem is, the person who was running the forum has lost interest and can't find the Admin login details.

Is it possible to get our SRSM Forum reactivated or do we need to start from scratch ?

Thanks in advance.
myff admin

If they want to hand ownership over they can do so my getting into the control panel:;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

or by starting a cross linked thread agreeing change of ownership of the forum, or the members can petition that way.

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