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Mirados Crystaria

Forum Suspended


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I got an email saying my forum had been suspended because it was violating terms of service, however re-looking over those I do not see anything I have done wrong. As far as I'm aware I so far only have one friend who signed up and I've been really busy with family things. Three of my family members were in the hospital at the same time and one just recently got out so between running the house while my grandmother is sick, and practically living at the hospital I really haven't had to time to work on it.

The goal of the forum is get people discussing the lost city of Atlantis, and interacting with the Prince. (my account). It's a promotion I'm doing for a book series i'm writing called Atlantis Rising on amazon. Also I just really love Atlantis and wanted a place where I could talk to people about their own ideas on the lost city. It's kind of obscure right now.

Also as far as I'm aware only my friend and I have posted in it. Please unsuspend it so I can work on it again.
myff admin

Unsuspended , please see announcements
Mirados Crystaria

thank you <3 Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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