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El Nib

Forum Suspended

Ive just tried to get onto a forum that i am a moderator and it states that the forum is suspended,, can i ask why please ??
myff admin

I have unsuspended, I expect the issue is spam, there is a big spam attack ongoing.
El Nib

ok thank you,

I'm admin for this forum and I can't access it because it seems to have been suspended.  I received two e-mails this week which suggested that someone had sent two spam posts to the forum, but when I've tried to log in to delete the spam I can't access it.
myff admin

Unsuspended , please see announcements

Please can you unsuspend

I did get an email from a spam user yesterday but ignored the request to grant them access.

Kind Regards




Please could you also un- suspend

many thanks for your efforts


Thank you

Thank you for sorting the problem Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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