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Rive Caedo

Forum Statistics?

Ran a few searches and checked the announcements for the past few months, but couldn't find anything in relation to this.

As late as a few months back (and for several years before that), there was always an easy way (for us anyway, since we've always been on page #1 or #2) to access graphs regarding forum visitation on the Forum Directory. There was just a little graph icon you clicked and you could generate nice little charts that looked like this:

Now that icon appears to be gone (I've tried in Firefox and Internet Explorer). Is there an alternate way to access these graphs - or has the feature been removed entirely?

It's not a dire feature, of course. I was just a bit disappointed when I went looking for it to try to confirm that our forum has had an upswing in activity in the past couple of weeks --- and it wasn't there (or at least not where I expected it).

Rive Caedo Admin
myff admin

It has been removed, there are so many better systems like statcounter out there.
Rive Caedo

I suppose I can give that a try. I just liked the old one since it was on by default and thus reached back to when our board started. Oh well, hehe.

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