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Forum's back up

Hi, one of my moderator deleted a few threads by mistake, is it possible to have the forum as it was yesterday.
He deleted it about an hour ago.

I think it cost money to have this request, not sure how much it is but I would like to have it done.

Please can you help me with this, thank you !!

$15 to admin(at) via paypal.

Also must acknowledge that you will lose any threads created after the back-up time.

Thanks Zud mate !!

I will wait the answer of Admin on when the last back up was made, before I spend money and regret it !!  hehe
myff admin

It is not an exact science. backups run between midnight and 8am UK time.

Ok then is it possible to have the backup from Thursday night august 26th ??
myff admin

We can do that subject to the payment being made.

ok will do it.

Is it 15 US dollars of 15 ??

And I do it via donation as usual ??
myff admin

$15 which these days is about 10.

doing it direct via paypal to paypal[at] may be easiest.

can you give me a link to where I can pay this way ??

I usualy get invoices for those kind of paiements, not used to this way.

Got it. paiement sent hope I got this right.

If you received the paiement how long will it take to have the forum backup ??

Normally is done rather quickly.
myff admin

It has been done rather quickly..... but it is a time consuming process. in theory it is done now, but the boards cached config is making it show as unavailable.

Perfect it worked as well as I wanted.

Yeah im the one who diseable the board while this process was goin.

Thanks for the quick work !! Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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