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Now ask your question in clear English without "txt" speak>>>> I have tried in vain to attach an image to a posting. The upload page comes up, i fill it in then click upload. After a while the upload screen goes blank then nothing. Any help would be appreciated.


myff admin

Is it the same upload page as on this forum? What is the image? there is a 2Mb size limit.

The image is 903kB and is an aerial shot of countryside. Same upload page as this forum, using the attach file link below the message text entry box. Just tried to attach it to this reply, no joy.



What file format is the image you are trying to upload?
myff admin

It really makes sense to reduce size before uploading.

Pic was .jpg format. I will reduce the size and retry.

Reduced to 100kB, upload successful.

Thanks for your help.

Steve Forum Index -> Portal components
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