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Myrmidon of Kryv

Forum parent structure corrupted

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I believe the tree structure of the forum I administrate on ( has become corrupted.

This issue started I think some time after a fellow administrator created a subforum called "Dark Sapphire" on Fri Mar 29, 2013. Two forums disappeared, and on further investigation they disappeared because their parents were set incorrectly. I attempted to correct the parents, but the forum would either ignore my changes or incorrectly set the parent to something else.

In the admin control panel, whenever I move a forum around or change the parent of a forum, I get unexpected results. For example, I try to set a forum "Server Information" to have the "General Information" category as a parent, but instead it becomes the parent of the "Guilds" forum. Another example is trying to change the listing order of forums, sometimes whenever I tried to make a change it would accept the change without any error messages, but not actually change anything.

The more I try to change the parents of forums the worse things get, so I am very certain there is some sort of corruption. I believe the issue is similar to one posted here ( and that the solution is below:
Patrick Webster added a comment - 24/May/12 2:30 AM

Use the Support Toolkit to rebuild your forum left/right IDs and see if it fixes your problem:

Is it possible that the forum can be fixed?

Thanks for your time,
myff admin

Will take a look.
Myrmidon of Kryv

Thanks for the quick response!

An example of the issue can be seen here:
The parent structure is messed up which you can see at the top of the page:

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myff admin

It says something about phpbb3 that there needs to be a support toolkit
myff admin

for me to do this I will need you to email admin[at] the admin login username and password.
myff admin

I have run reset left/right ids.
Myrmidon of Kryv

Thank you, the issue seems to be resolved. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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