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forum not coming up on google???

Very silly question I know!
I've just created a new mountain bikers forum, though the problem is it doesn't come up on a google search! How do I sort this out ?
help much appreciated!
thanks     Alex
myff admin

You really should read this forum, as not only is that question answered many times, there is a lot else you will learn.

You have said that for your forum to appear on a search engine you must allow guests to view it.
Which I'm guessing is on permissions (section 1) on the aministration Panel? if so I have done this and have had no luck. Could you explain to a computer newb how it's done ?
myff admin

I think half the posts on this forum make it clear that for anything to be listed on google you will need places linking to your forum and more importantly something actually in your forum to index.

Your forum has almost zero content!

Sounds to me like you are looking for some magic to do the work for you. As it says in Lord of the Rings, you have to have Grist before you can Grind.

I've got my site up to page 2 on Google when searching for 'Modern Warfare 2 forums'. Believe me, there are thousands of MW2 forums out there already so this is good. Forum Index -> Search Engines
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