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Forum in Violation of Terms (Libel and Cyber-Bullying)


Enter your myff forum url here, if the issue is on a particular part of the forum, then give a link to where the problem actually is. Do not enter your own domain name it must be the actual myff link :

The forum in question has the sole purpose of purveying lies, slander, and posting of personal information without the authorization by the mentioned individuals. You can clearly see by the links below that the individual who runs said forum purposely engages in cyber-bullying for the sake of his own amusement.

(There are many more I simply don't have the time to copy and paste links to)

And last but not least, an entire SECTION devoted to libelous posts:

Lastly, even the signature of the individual who runs the board contains libel:

Please disable the board before legal proceedings have to be initiated.

Thank you.
myff admin

your first line that this forum is "soley".... is plainly untrue.

this seems to me to be an squabble that if we do receive legal representation on the matter we will follow our standard procedure of asking for owner address details which I rather suspect you have already to be passed to your legal representatives so that this can be dealt with properly.
Meanwhile we are not able to judge the truth of matters and in the links I have seen I have seen squabbling and allegations and not harassment.

The nasty behavior on this forum continues. There is even a dedicated forum for this activity now:
"A place for True TMF fans (banned by the UnAmerican Stalinist|Moderators or otherwise) to Contribute about anything other than UK based Discussions of EMG since the Annexation of the TMF (Prop : John Bennett ,Boston , Mass) by the Perverts & fraudsters of the CLPGS The TMF - is Now under UK Management so Edison & Victor have to "Get to the Back of The 'Bus" whilst EMG rides Up front buddy ! due to "Segregation" GOD BLESS AMERICA PS : If you like Toasters & Fridges, electric Chairs Model T fords , screw threads stay on the TMF !"

And numerous new threads propagating obvious lies and slander:

Please note, that you will find nothing to encourage this behavior here:

And threats now, too:

gmemg wrote:
Well, i promise the UK based TMF Moderator - i shall tear you Limb from Limb (Verbally) when i have confirmation of who you are !
myff admin

As has been stated before, this forum clearly has a valid existence outside of whatever inter-forum dispute there is going on.
I am not about to trawl though a dozen threads and miraculously deciding what is truth and what is slander.

If there is something actionable then point a single thing out clearly. But even then unless it is obviously false and slanderous you will have to take the legal route as:

I will remind those reading this, that last time you complained you yourself started off on a lie to us. So your reputation with us is low.

I've had a bit of a sift through and can't see anything more than people having a moan about their experience on another forum, where they felt the moderation etc was over the top. Perfectly normal forum chatter.

I didn't see anything that I would consider 'actionable', though of course I didn't read every word of every thread.

As Admin states if there are clear breaches of T&C then something can be done.  Just linking to a load of threads that merely mention your forum expressing a bad experience would not be of any use.

What you consider to be a good forum other people won't like, your comfort in a tight set of rules is another person's overmoderating, it's just different strokes for different folks.  Put it behind you and move on is probably the best thing to do, life's too short. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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