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forum has been hacked - how do I terminate the forum

Hi , my forum is

It was created by me in  January 2008 which I can prove when required .
I have been one of two administrators.

Due to certain comments that were posted on the forum recently that could have lead to legal action , I had suspended the forum this evening. However 10 minutes later the forum appeared active again.

Without my knowledge additional members were given administrator rights and have activated the forum and have now  reduced my account rights to a standard user with no admin privileges.

This forum needs to be closed down immediately so could someone from administrator team please either PM me or send an email to the official email address that is linked to the forum which is my email address.

Thank you

You need to do a forum restore which costs (I believe) 10.

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Note, this is incorrect advice in regard to regaining control of a forum with a rogue admin, the forum restore is to do with restoring a forum to a previous backup in cases of lost posts for example.

Admin's advice in the next post is correct
myff admin

You can re-establish admin rights via the control panel.;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

Then you can terminate other admin accounts.

Thank you that worked ! Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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