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myff admin

Forum DNS issues

I'm sorry but some forums on the marvin server have lost their nameserver entries due to a configuration issue on the server, an attempt to sort out an email notification problem ended with the address resolving internally on that server and this in turn meant that when forums get a random DNS cleanup it ended up being a cleanout leaving the forums defaulting to expect to be on the eddy server.
The entries are being rewritten now. But if you cannot get to your forum post here and I will put a manual redirect in place to sort it until the proper address gets back live.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

I may as well start the list off and hopefully it will be a short one.

Thanks for efforts so far and for the future too.

Allen Dodd aka Rumple

I'll put it down to "It's going to be one of those days" I think. Belay my previous post sir, everything is up and running now and thanks again.
myff admin

I did yours as it was one of those that alerted me to the issue.

Please can you check this one:

Many thanks!

All restored!  Many thanks.

Could you check this
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